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One Stop E-Com Agency is a conversion-focused firm that caters to businesses seeking to grow their online business through conversion-focused website and funnels.

Our Technology

Responsive Web Design(RWD)

Responsive design enables us to optimize the presentation of a web page for many devices. This allows you to create similar experiences across different devices, or tailor a web page for a specific device.

Website Speed Optimization

We’re focusing on deploying advanced technology to build the fast website, which helps your business gets better Google search engine ranking, customer experience, and conversion rate.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Website Builder

After we delivered your website, you don’t need an engineer to edit the content anymore, such as image, text, link, and so on. We provide an inline website editor which allows you to add, remove or change any material on your website.

Edit text easily

On the dashboard, you can change the size, color, font, bold and alignment.

Change image in one-click

On the dashboard, you can add, remove or change the image by uploading a new image, and change the size easily.

Revision record

The revision record helps you store every version of the website,  you could restore to any version as you want.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Tool

Our SEO tool plugin helps you to optimize your website for search engines, and while it does that well, it still needs your input.

Customer Cases

Website Proposal





Website Hosting



Case process


One Stop E-Com Agency provides quotation and website proposal.


The client confirms the quotation, website proposal and details.


Provider will start the execution of the case after the client pays 50% of the first payment.


Provider provides the frame design and design style examples of the website in order.


The client provides website copy, related materials and domain name, extra.


After the website is developed, it shall be submitted to the client for confirmation and acceptance.


50% of the final payment and the server fee(yearly) must be paid before going online.


Website online

Fees and Expenses ​




Website Development (Included front-end and back-end package)$3,900 $3,510
(10% off for first cooperation)
Hosting (Included web hosting, security and performance package)$30/month
(Pay yearly)

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